Managing a Todo List: Mid 2023

Managing a Todo List: Mid 2023

I have been trying to figure out how to best manage a todo list all year. From the clusterfuck it was earlier this year, I settled on GTD as a methodology, after someone recommended it to me. I've bene 'using' it for last few months. To be entirely frank, using it is overstating it.

It isn’t really working out. The tasks just accumulate. I guess part of the issue is that I don’t know how to particularly handle today’s agendas vs next actions. This is what I have for example:

Problem with this is threefolds:

  • Priorities
  • Due Dates
  • Today’s Agenda

I don’t like Due Dates, never have. So, for stuff that I’d like to get done today, do I just assign Priority:1, and let them accumulate on top of the list and mark them off one by one, or do I assign today’s due dates so they autopopulate on top AND remain on my calendar? Priority Method doesn’t get them on my calendar. Problem with due dates is that while they’re on my calendar, should they be? They’re not hard due dates. I don’t have to call my primary care doctor today. It’d just be nice if I were doing so.

Do I just pluck stuff from my “Next Actions” list to a separate “Today’s Agenda” list? Do I assign today’s due dates to that? What if I don’t get x item done in Today’s Agenda list. Do I put it back in Next Actions and repick 5 fresh ones tomorrow? Do I keep that in and bring 4 more fresh ones in?

…I feel like either this isn’t working, or I am making it more complicated than it has to be.