On Dev: Movie Crew Comparison


A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if there was a way I could create something that allowed them to enter two movies, and see if the crew of the two movies. Mainly, the directors, the producers, screenplay, composers, costume, and photography.

My solution to that was fairly barebones, but simple, and it worked:

Scaena App

Scaena App Results

The "concept" worked. The problems were that there was no autocomplete. You had to know the exact name of the movie, and the movie had to be in the database. Further, it would only return the most popular movie in the DB.

Further, it let me test how TailwindCSS really works. (Summary: It works beautifully when you're creating something for the first time. For readability after, ask me in a few weeks).

The Remaining Problems

Since I am taking this project up again. I need to:

  • Add autocomplete to the search, and return a few results in the drop down. I'll play with autopopulation of the result, but for now users need to hit Go (I don't want to exhaust free API calls)
  • Make a popup when you click on a specific position. For example, if you click "Directors" in this above example, it should show you what other works these two directors have done together. For Producers, it should check and cross match the producers of two movies, and make a list starting with something like "4 directors from this list : -names x y z- worked on these projects," "2 of these directors -names x y- have worked on this project" etc.

Let's see how stuff goes. I'm moving this week, so I'll probably not pick this up for a couple of weeks yet.