On Bluetooth Adapters: Scam City

On Bluetooth Adapters: Scam City

I have a Rosewill Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter, that has served my needs fairly well for close to seven years now. However, I have slowly accumulated a number of Bluetooth devices, most recent of which is a Keychron K8 (the thockiest of the thocks I own). I usually keep it on at all times. However, when I play anything (in this recent case, Starfield), I also connect a Stadia controller to it, as well as my original Surface Headphones.

Problem is, that the BT4.0 dongle chokes. The sound gets absurdly choppy. It just has too much bandwidth being passed through it for it to work properly. So, I am left with two dilemmas:

Option 1: Buy an audio-only Bluetooth adapter for the Headphone, keep the generic BT4.0 adapter for the rest of the devices. One requirement for this is that the audio-only adapter must show up as a USB audio device, and not just as a bluetooth adapter, as Windows does not allow two simultaneous adapters at the same time.

Option 2: Buy a Bluetooth 5.1/2/3 adapter.

Option 3: Buy an 'empty' wireless PCIE card. I recently bought an Intel AX210 in M.2 2230 form factor for $5. If I could somehow find an empty PCIE card that'd allow me to slot that in, it could replace my current TP-Link Archer PCIE wireless card. Also has the benefit of having a bluetooth connector that I can get a splitter for and just extend my front USB connectors.

I thought I'd start with at least researching Option 2. BT5.3 is out of question, given the fact that there exist no actual drivers for it. What adapters there are in USB form factor have a ATS2851 chipset, and well, people are[1] annoyed[2].

So, looking for a 5.1/5.2 USB adapter, I came across this link, (in case you’re unable to click: https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-XDO-Wireless-Transmitter-Headphones/dp/B09KGVFX1K/ ). The problem is, that they do not list a chipset and reviews are either talking about the chipset with elusive drivers, ATS2851, or the Realtek RTL8761. There is however, an issue.

The product page lists the model as BT802, and manufacturer as Shen Zhen Xin Hua Tian Technology Co Ltd. Alright, fine, off to FTC we go. It is a communications device, so it has to have an FTC filing, right? Right. FTC filings reveal that BT-801 and BT-802 are same models, with just differences in how they potentially look. FCC filing link: https://fccid.io/2AKC6XHT-BT801

Looking a bit deeper into the FCC filing documents, one of the PDF reveals something interesting. This is a Realtek RTL8761 Controller! Specifically, an RTL8761BUV controller. I remember reading about this yesterday...

and turns out, yes, I do indeed remember reading about this. The 'something interesting' is in fact a deeper problem. The problem being that Realtek has a datasheet of this product, and it is...well, it is not a 5.1 controller, but a 5.0 controller.

So either I am ultra dumb, and cannot do proper research, or XDO or SHEN ZHEN XIN HUA TIAN TECHNOLOGY CO are trying to mislead people.

...I think I may just go with Option 3. I'll keep you updated.