On Writing Better

I have written a short story. A popular short story, be as it may… and I have written a fantasy/science fiction novel. Well, first few drafts of it anyhow. Funny thing is, I’m proud of both of them. More importantly, I know how to write them.

What I struggle with, as I have found recently, is writing…this. Whatever this is. Nonfiction? Blogging? Narrative without a narrative? I was never good at putting my thoughts on paper(or in this case, a slightly dark gray screen), but I think it has gotten worse in recent years. I struggle with writing on paper. I used to enjoy it. I enjoy it now.

But every time I write physically, I feel not wanting to do it after a while. Half a page in, and I want to clip up the pen, and store it for some future time, and then I stop. I pick it up, eventually, two weeks later. Repeat ad nauseam.

What is more terrifying is that I don’t know if it is actually a problem. I feel like it is, but is it really? Most of what I need to do in my career (…heh, “career,” - more on this later, maybe), or for my hobbies, can be accomplished by tapping a few buttons at 110 WPM. I like writing, I like the fountain pen I have, and I like the Noodler's Rome Burning ink…and yet, I am unable to find myself dedicated to using it much.

Speaking of, I should finish the final draft of the book and send it to an agent. It has been years. It is about time.