Nextcloud Updates and Docker

Oh hey, it has been a while since I upgraded nextcloud, has it not? 23.0.3…hm, oh boy, we’re up to 27.0.0. All the way to Hub 5!

On Writing Better

I have written a short story. A popular short story, be as it may… and I have written a fantasy/science fiction novel. Well, first few drafts of it anyhow. Funny thing is,

On Dev: Movie Crew Comparison

Intro A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if there was a way I could create something that allowed them to enter two movies, and see if the crew of the

On Artificial (Intelligence)

#Intro ChatGPT crossed a threshold of 100M users a few weeks ago. This by itself makes it a disruptive technology, even if it weren't for the fact that people, myself included, find it

On Selfhosting: Paperless-ngx

The cycle is endless. I get email, or I get physical mail, I put it on the living room tv table, and there it accumulates for a few days until we are forced