DEVELOPING A MOVIE CREW COMPARISON WEBSITE 2023, Week 7 Intro A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if there was a way I could create something that allowed them to enter two movies, and see if the crew of the two movies. Mainly, the directors, the producers, screenplay, composers, costume, and photography. My solution to that was fairly barebones, but simple, and it worked: Scaena Landing Scaena Results The “concept” worked.


ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2023, Week 6 Intro ChatGPT crossed a threshold of 100M users a few weeks ago. This by itself makes it a disruptive technology, even if it weren’t for the fact that people, myself included, find it incredibly useful. How do I use it then? To generate frameworks of my everyday code(non-proprietary, of course), and help me code faster. Usually I tell it what I am looking for, and it will spit out a barebones framework/functions of the code, which I can then customize.


ON SELF HOSTING, PART 1 ### Paperless-ngx The cycle is endless. I get email, or I get physical mail, I put it on the living room tv table, and there it accumulates for a few days until we are forced to sort through what’s spam(90% of it is), and what is not. Those documents that are not spam are often notices and/or receipts to keep, and rarely, it is something immediately actionable.


Deploying Hugo in Docker It has been approximately two years since I last configured my personal site and blog (and I have not been blogging). I have created multiple new CIVITATES services since then, so it made sense to merge the blogposts, actually document my progress and configuration of services, and show a list of Civitates services that are open to public. Let’s start with this, a generic, Hugo site.

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