Autonomous Dependent States

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Autonomous Dependent States is a popular mod I created for Paradox GSG Crusader Kings 2. Ever wished that your big empire would break into smaller "autonomous" states which you don't have to micromanage? Vassals but with less hassle? Look no further. The mod currently has 3200 subscribers. It was created using LUA.

TriWest Veteran Portal

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VetP, and CCPA are two of the four projects I worked on for TriWest Healthcare Alliance at my current workplace. I handled both the external logic of how the webpages/tools behave, alongside internal logic of... well, the absurd bureaucracy of a healthcare information system. I was also involved with design and logic of Claims Management Tool and Provider Reporting Tool, but they are internal software for management of finances, payments, and intake for various VA providers currently working with TriWest. They were created using Javascript//React.



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Volumen is a pastebin. I forked it from Termpad, however, I have made sufficiently enough changes to it that I consider it a separate project. The changes are both visual, and functional. Please see the repository for more details.



Tabula is an image sharing site I use for most of my needs, instead of imgur.



Decaelis is a an alternative to Airdrop for non-apple devices. Based on Snapdrop. Heavy customization is made to improve performance.



Vultus is a Searx-ng instance. This is what I use for my everyday searches, instead of Google/Bing/DDG.



Bib is an instance of calibre-web. I use this to host my ebook library, and to read them on the go. The library is also used by friends and family.



Cena is an customized mix of tandoor and mealie. I use this to host my recipes, and to plan my meals.



Cyber is a stock instance of cyberchef, developed by GCHQ. I use this for quick and dirty data manipulation.



Eo is just an instance of Polr. I use it for link shortening services.

There are other projects that I have forked and customized, but I will not list them here, because they range from password managers to sync software, to system managers, to code editors.

Post espresso ramblings

Projects, resume, thoughts about my workspace, or the current cultural climate.

Feel free to reach out.

I will divide this into two categories, software that I have written, and Project Civitates. Civitates includes the software I have forked and improved upon, customized, or the ones I self-host on my servers for personal usage.