Hi, I’m Abe. I am a software engineer - albeit an engineer who feels like he’s always behind. There always seem to exist things that I do not understand. In hindsight, I suppose choosing a profession where constant learning is a thing, this was to be expected. Still, please stop releasing a new web framework every week.

Here you will find ramblings in form of short and longform content: mostly short - as I usually reserve serious writing to my journals or commonplace books. I do however, at times, copy that over digitally.

And yes, I could in theory create a spanking new website/blog with newest web library/framework, animations, build tools and what not, especially given the fact that I was a frontend developer, but I fail to see the need to reinvent the wheel, especially if the proverbial wheel already exists for my needs and is in excellent condition.

Oh, and remember, if whatever you’re doing annoys a European, or a middle-manager who loves nothing but meetings - you’re probably on the right track. Good job.