What I'm reading now: First and Only, by Dan Abnett

What I'm listening to: Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson

What I've just finished reading: Ancillary Mercy, by Ann Lackie

I write software, and sometimes I write about writing software. Sometimes I write about other things, too. When I am not writing, I am most likely reading, or playing with my dog, or cooking, or doing some combination of the three.

…The paragraph above was generated by GitHub Copilot. I am not sure how I feel about that. In any case, I am currently a Software Engineer at BizFlow Corp. I studied computer science, although I’ll be damned if I can remember half of it. I have in the past mostly dealt with webdev, focusing on the frontend, however I am currently more focused on a generalist idea of a software engineer. One must be able to do everything, even if he is not perfect at the said things.

Two of the things I am extremely passionate about are History (focusing on Mediterranean history during the Grecko-Roman -including the Byzantines- period), and self-reliance as far as the internet goes- I host a ton of services (most of the services and projects you read on the Projects page are services I have forked and customized to suit my own needs, if they’re not a complete rewrite even) on some of my servers I own, thus reducing the reliance on external services for things I can do myself.

I don’t really have a stake in the “philosophy” of the software I host or create. Computers and software to me, are tools, just like a firearm (Eric S. Raymond’s gun ethics page pretty much sums it up) , or a knife, or a rope, or a drill. They have a purpose, and I do not care if I am using a proprietary or an open source software as long as it helps me do what I aimed to do. I will prefer open source software, as I can add to it and/or modify it to my liking, but it needs to work at least as flawlessly as the proprietary alternative.

Politically, I am an individualist, and will always advocate for your civil rights. I might make fun of you, but everyone deserves the civil rights they have, to the most absolutist extreme you can take them to. I despise the ideas of centralization and collectivism. “Leave me alone as long as I am physically hurting anybody, and I will leave you alone” can define it. You can call it “Leave Me Alone As a Service.”