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I write software, and sometimes I write about writing software. Sometimes I write about other things, too. When I am not writing, I am most likely reading, or playing with my dog, or cooking, or doing some combination of the three.

…The paragraph above was generated by GitHub Copilot. I am not sure how I feel about that.

In any case, I am currently a Software Engineer at BizFlow Corp. I studied computer science, although I’ll be damned if I can remember half of it. I have in the past mostly dealt with webdev, focusing on the frontend, however I am currently more focused on a generalist idea of a software engineer. One must be able to do a little of everything, even if he is not perfect at the said things. Although I have a feeling that the current job market in 2024 very much does not want a generalist engineer, but rather specialists.

Here is my Resume if you care about that.

Here is my Projects page.

Two of the things I am extremely passionate about are History (focusing on Mediterranean history during the Grecko-Roman -including the Byzantines- period), and self-reliance as far as the internet goes- I host a ton of services (most of the services and projects you read on the Projects page are services I have forked and customized to suit my own needs, if they’re not a complete rewrite even) on some of my servers I own, thus reducing the reliance on external services for things I can do myself.

I don’t really have a stake in the “philosophy” of the software I host or create. Computers and software to me, are tools, just like a firearm (Eric S. Raymond’s gun ethics page pretty much sums it up) , or a knife, or a rope, or a drill. They have a purpose, and I do not care if I am using a proprietary or an open source software as long as it helps me do what I aimed to do. I will prefer open source software, as I can add to it and/or modify it to my liking, but I will choose proprietary software over it if it works better by a considerable margin.

Politically, I am an individualist, and will always advocate for your civil rights. I might make fun of you, but everyone deserves the civil rights they have, to the most absolutist extreme you can take them to. Without being an absolutist on civil rights, none of us would be where we are in this country. “Leave me alone as long as I am physically hurting anybody, and I will leave you alone” can define it. You can call it “Leave Me Alone As a Service.”