Migrating to a larger SSD

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Note, 2024/02/21: 
This is going to be obsolete as soon as I move all of this jank to Proxmox. 

Yesterday, a friend pinged me with this screenshot of my Vespera service (JellySeerr at frontend, Jellyfin at backend, backed by full *arr stack). Well, “screenshot.”

Photo of a failed movie download

“Failed?” I have never seen this status message before. Curious, I go to Radarr to figure out what was wrong. “DISK I/O ERROR” greets me. No other explanation.

Now I’m really confused. “Eh, I’ll just restart Radarr, it’s fine.” What I don’t know at this point is that it’s just not radarr, it’s…well, the Jellyseerr is literally the only thing that is currently up and running. Radarr, Sonarr, Jellyfin, Bazarr, Readarr are all down.

I docker compose restart. Nothing. docker compose down && up -d? Absolutely nothing. Then I look a bit closely at a cloned Radarr instance.

Ah. I had considered that the arr stack would still keep chugging along, since it’s directly downloading to the 4TB HDD, and nothing actually gets downloaded into the OS SSD itself, but apparently not. Slowly trying out docker images and updating containers had left me with tonnes of unpruned disk images.

I could clear all of them out, but it might also be a bit prudent in doing what is probably the next best move – upgrading to a larger SSD. Funnily, I have a 256GB SanDisk SSD currently plugged into a USB external bay.

sudo lshw -class disk -class storage -short

  /0/100/14/0/3          scsi4      storage        USB 3.0 Destop HD EP0 Product string
  /0/100/14/0/3/0.0.0    /dev/sdb   disk           240GB USB 3.0 Destop H
  /0/100/14/1/1          scsi5      storage        Ugreen Storage Device
  /0/100/14/1/1/0.0.0    /dev/sdc   disk           1TB SPCX-08S8TT0
  /0/100/14/1/2          scsi6      storage        Expansion
  /0/100/14/1/2/0.0.0    /dev/sdd   disk           1TB Expansion
  /0/100/17              scsi0      storage        Q170/Q150/B150/H170/H110/Z170/CM236 Chipset SATA Controller [AHCI Mode]
  /0/100/17/1            /dev/sde   disk           120GB Netac SSD 120GB

Alright, this should work. I can clone /dev/sde into /dev/sdb, and then replace the position of the drives (USB enclosure drive goes inside the SFFPC case, and Netac one goes above).