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What I've just finished reading: Use of Weapons, by Iain M Banks

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My reading journey started with the Alchemist, back when I was barely ten. I had to take turns to read it because it was also when my cousins were reading it. That took me quite a well, and frankly speaking, I don’t remember what it is even about now. From then, I snuck into my grandfather’s ’library’ (if you could call it that) and started reading those condensed Reader’s Digest 4-in-1 novels. When my family moved to a larger city, and I had access to one of the OLPC XO laptops I was working with (2-in-1 before 2-in-1 were famous), I started to read more consistently. As I was just an up and coming teenager, a lot of my reading then consisted of a tremendous amount of Young Adult fiction. I reckon I’ve read just about every “oh no, I am a unique person, this world is dystopia, there are 4 factions - the grays, the blues, the greens, and the yellows - but somehow, I am the white! Whites haven’t been seen since 500 years ago” etc.

In the years following, I had started to read a lot more fantasy and science fiction - some of which still occupies my top books/series list to this day. In 2024 I am trying to strike a balance of science, general nonfiction/history, science fiction, and fantasy.

I think I’ll break this page into three sections: The books that I absolutely like and recommend, and what I have read so far in 2023, and 2024, alongside what’s currently on my reading list. I will then add comments based on what I think about the book, if it needs it. See the links above.